My Port Orange pest control guy says he prefers my breed of dogs to be around him when he is treating new customers houses. I have Labrador Retrievers.


Some people don’t like dogs, when these people saw AKC Labrador Retriever they will start to love dogs.


The Labrador Retrievers is a friendly, active, and outdoing dog breed which ranks 1st out of 196 in the AKC breed popularity. These dog breeds are growing people’s favorite because of their cute faces. If you are looking for the best companion then this breed will be the right choice. But if you want a dog to participate in the conformation shows, then AKC Labrador Retrievers will be the best option to choose.

About AKC Labrador Retrievers:

The Labrador Retrievers was identified by the AKC in 1903 and the dog was registered in 1917.  The dog is their 74th breed but in 1991 for the first time this dog breed topped the AKC registrations and from that time the Labrador Retrievers are considered America’s favorite breed. The ABC Labrador Retrievers are available in three colors such as chocolate, yellow, and black. The AKC Labrador Retrievers undergo various check-ups to make sure whether they are healthy and active such as particular health tests, certificates for elbow and hips, and DNA testing for over 150 diseases.

The AKC will give a health guarantee that their breeds won’t get any kind of genetic diseases of PRA, CNM, or the genetic disease that affected their parents.  The Labrador breeds of AKC will allow for a daily walk in their 450+ acres of forest lands, and also make them play some games. These breeds will be well-suited for the show, behave obediently, and also do service kind of work. Apart from these qualities the dogs will be affectionate and devoted towards the family companion.

Care Taken to Maintain the AKC Labrador Retrievers:

  • Nutrition:

The Labrador Retrievers should feed high-quality foods whether it is home-prepared or manufactured it should be made under the veterinarian’s approval and supervision. Also, the diet should be suitable to the breed’s age and the diet varies for the puppy, adult, and senior. The consumption of food should be limited to prevent the dog from overweight and also before giving food to the dog learn which human food is good for the breed and which is not. The dog should be provided with clean and freshwater all the time.

  • Grooming

The dog breed is covered with a thick and double coat that will shed easily. The Lab’s teeth should be cleaned regularly, occasional baths should be given, and also trim the nails properly. If possible you can contact Port Orange Pest Control services, as the presence of pests will cause certain diseases to the dog. And also the Port Orange Pest Control professionally offers services at an affordable rate.

  • Exercise

The AKC Labrador Retriever breeds are energetic so a lot of exercises are recommended or otherwise it will get hyperactive or develop destructive behavior. The most favorite outdoor activity of this breed is retrieving and swimming.  You can also take dog hunting or any kind of field trial as it loves those activities. Or else make them participate in any kind of sports activities such as agility, obedience, tracking, and dock diving and they can perform better as they involve in activities such as search and rescue, detection, service, and as an assistant.

  • Training

To increase the physical strength and energy level the socialization and dog training classes are mandatory. When the puppies are in the ages of 7 weeks to 4 months, expose to them all kind of places, peoples, and situation. Also, teach them in the very early stage so that they will become a well-mannered adult. The training classes will help the breed to stay away from bad habits and make them socialize.

  • Health

The health of the AKC Labrador Retrievers will be perfect and it will be free from all kinds of diseases. These breeds will develop a certain kind of disease called EIC, so DNA tests will be taken for the breeds and help them to prevent the breed from these diseases. Labs can undergo certain kinds of health conditions so the owner should be aware of the symptoms.

How to Find AKC Labrador Retrievers:

There is an official standard maintained for the AKC Labrador Retrievers which are listed below;

  • Appearance

The breed of AKC Labrador Retrievers is a strongly built, medium-sized, and well-balanced dog. These breeds can undergo hunting or gaming for hours even in difficult conditions too. The dog can be identified by the short, dense, and weather-resistant coats attached with an otter tail.

Also, it has a clean-cut head with a broad back skull and a powerful jaw; it develops a kind, friendly, and expressing character. This kind of breed will possess style and quality without any lumber.

  • Size

The height of the dog varied from 221/2 inches to 241/2 inches, and a slight variance in this inch will consider as a disqualification. The weight of the dogs will be 65 to 80 pounds. The body should have sufficient length and it permits a straight, efficient, and free body that should not be too low or tall. The AKC Labrador Retriever will be well-muscled and the body doesn’t have any excess fat.

  • Movement

The movement of the dog breed should be free and effortless. The movement of the dog will be straight-forward, as the leg moves in straight lines and in short all the planes will be moving in the same plane.

Also, the dog can be found in a certain way, such as gentle, adaptability, and intelligence and these qualities will make it an ideal dog.

Bottom Line:

The AKC Labrador Retriever dog breeds are highly trainable and intelligent. They are not only friendly but also smart dogs. These dogs will also be in good health and also please their owners with their training activities. The main reason to choose AKC Labrador Retrievers dogs is that you will get a dog based on your need. If you are looking for a dog who can accompany you in jogging, or care for you and based on these you will get a dog.