Tips On Becoming A DOT Medical Examiner

With the prevalence of all of the crime and forensics shows currently hitting the television airwaves, there has been a sharp increase in interest in becoming a medical examiner. What they are not aware of though is that not every medical examiner deals with forensics. There are also what are known as DOT medical examiners. Here is a bit more about them.

When getting a job as a truck driver, especially if one wants to become a long-haul truck driver, they will be required to undergo a medical examination. This is for their own safety as well as the safety of those people whom they will be sharing the road with. They must go to a specially-trained medical examiner called a DOT medical examiner.

Not just anyone can become a DOT medical examiner, they need to also be a medical professional in another field as well. Whether that be a chiropractor, surgeon, nurse practitioner, or some other medical field, the DOT medical examiner will already have much of the knowledge that will be required for them to perform their duties. They will need to take an accredited nrcme training course.

Luckily, they will not have to take the certification test all that often. Once the certification has been achieved, it is valid for a period of ten years. However, they do need to do some periodic training every 5 years. This accounts for updated standards that may occur in the industry and ensures that too much time does not lag in between tests.

As you can see, it is not that hard to become a certified DOT medical examiner as long as you have a previous medical educational degree. By doing so, it is a great supplemental income to an already lucrative career.