The Benefits of Holistic Wellness

The holistic approach to health isn’t a new concept. It is an alternative way to understanding medicine. This approach focuses rather on the wellbeing of a person rather than on specific ailments and diseases. Moreover, the holistic approach stretches beyond the physical level of the human being, to comprehend body, spirit and mind as a whole. As all these three levels of a human being are closely intertwined, holistic wellness practitioners consider that a mental health issue may trigger the decline of the physical health of their patients.

This is why the treatment methods recommended by holistic medicine practitioners rely on holding patients accountable for their own health and wellbeing. The practitioner’s skills and training are among the major factors that influence the result of their treatments.

Holistic Medine and the Right Approach to Living

Most of these holistic medicine practitioners will teach their patients the right approach to living and the most beneficial lifestyle features that can help them support their wellness. They may instruct their patients to avoid certain foods and to increase the consumption of others. Most often, their advice is to decrease the intake of processed foods, in favour of a raw, low-calorie diet. Sometimes, these health professionals recommend their patients to exercise more, in order to get rid of their fat and gain lean muscle mass instead. Moving more has a lot of benefits for the joint mobility and for reducing bone issues. When bones are correctly aligned, their density increases, thus preventing osteoporosis. In addition to all these, the holistic practitioners may recommend their patients psychotherapy or counselling, as the best means to deal with various mental health or relationship issues.

There are many additional therapies holistic medicine practitioners use to recommend their clients. Such alternative therapies may include acupuncture, yoga, massage therapy, naturopathy, chiropractic session, energy medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine among many others.

The holistic approach doesn’t disregard allopathic medicine or surgical procedures. A holistic medicine practitioner will always try to do no harm to patients, so he or she’s never going to tell a patient to heal a broken arm by swallowing a natural remedy or by prayer. These practitioners are always trying to integrate their knowledge into the overall scheme of things, as they work for the wellbeing of their patient as a whole human being. The really good ones use Western medicine to their advantage rather than ignoring or disregarding it.

Do Your Research Before Choosing a Holistic Practitioner

A good practitioner can make a big difference. This is why it is strongly advisable to do your research very well before hiring someone. “You need to investigate their certifications, their experience and their training before trusting them to heal you,” advises a holistic health professional at the School of Natural Health and Sciences. You have to ask them a lot of questions about their qualifications, about the professional associations they are members of, as well as about their overall treatment philosophy. Since holistic medicine works with the mind and the spirit, not only with the body, you have to make sure the views of your practitioner align with your own views on life, health and wellbeing. An atheist, for instance, may not want to use the services of a holistic health practitioner who uses Christian faith healing as the main therapy. You should search until you find the therapist who can help you the most.

Next, you have to make sure your practitioner is really good. Having rapport is only one step on the way of your healing process. However, if the therapist isn’t good, you may not get there at a time soon. The right practitioner is the one who asks you the appropriate questions about your lifestyle, diet, habits and passions. The best practitioner is the one who examines your life under the microscope before recommending you various treatment options.

Not everyone is eligible for holistic health treatment. Some people are more comfortable with traditional medicine. Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning here that there are millions of people who have embraced this alternative medicine as their primary health option, people who have felt the direct benefits of this approach. By choosing the best practitioner for you, you are going to maximise your chances to obtain the expected results. This is well worth undergoing a thorough research.