Post-Rehab Living Options

Making the decision to enter rehab and embrace a sober lifestyle is a huge and it’s one that requires strength, commitment and courage. For most people, making the choice to become a sober person means giving up an old lifestyle that included drinking buddies and a lot of time spent in bars. All of that has to change once a person leaves rehab and resumes life on the outside.

The Danger of Losing Sobriety

There’s no question that becoming sober is a huge achievement for a person who has spent years in addiction, whether the drug is cocaine, alcohol or prescription medication. The big danger after rehab is in falling back into old patterns once the protection of a rehab community has been removed. All of this is why many people make a plan to enter sober living housing after they leave rehab, in order to maintain their sobriety in a supportive place.

Staying in a sober living house is a way for a newly sober person to maintain their sober lifestyle and avoid the temptations that can be in store once they return to their old life. A sober facility offers residents a place to stay that is safe and friendly, while also offering support for ongoing therapy and AA sessions. All of this is offered in a home that is drug and alcohol free, 24 hours a day. Residents can stay in a sober facility for as along as they feel they need support. Once they are ready to leave, they can maintain contact with the facility in order to stay even keel and on the sober path.

No one should have to go through the process of becoming sober alone. The support of a sober living facility can make all the difference in the ongoing success of rehab, so if you or someone you love needs help, consider the sober living option.