Outdoor Spring Cleaning: How to Eliminate Trip or Fall Hazards

Tripping or falling happens often for many people, especially when they are in a hurry to get somewhere. These incidents tend to be rather minor. However, people can become severely injured after tripping, especially if they fall onto a hard surface or furniture. With a little outdoor spring cleaning, many hazards can be eliminated for the entire family.

Clearing Steps of Clutter

Many households keep decorative items and potted plants on their stairways and porches during the spring, summer, and fall. If these areas become too cluttered, the family is more at risk for tripping or falling when climbing the stairs. It is recommended to keep stairways completely free of any decor, clutter, or debris.

Removing Algae from Steps

Algae commonly builds up on wooden steps during wet, warm weather. If someone slips on a wet step that is covered with algae, it can be hard to catch one’s self or slow the fall, as the other stairs are likely just as slippery. If someone hurts an ankle, foot, or knee after falling down slippery stairs and the injury fails to heal, advanced imaging toms river nj will help in diagnosing any small fractures or breaks that may have gone unnoticed. One of the best non-toxic and safe methods for removing algae is to pour or spray vinegar over the steps. Over time, algae will reappear; simply reapply the vinegar.

Inspecting Paths and Walkways

Throughout the year, plant growth can cause a lot of problems with walkways. Weeds and vines may tumble over into paths and catch feet, while tree roots may appear towards the surface of the path in search of water. Storms can also blow limbs off of trees, which may be tripped over during early morning or late evening hours when light is limited. Winter weather, flooding, and plant roots can also loosen walkway stones, which may need to be leveled to prevent tripping.

It is very easy to evaluate a property and remove or repair fall hazards, especially when the home is on a small lot with few trees. These quick tasks can help all members of the family to avoid a serious fall.