Mesmerising Malaysia

Why this colorful and contrasting land should be your next vacation choice …


Are you looking for peaceful days lying on the beach, and comfortable resort-style holidays? Or do you crave the spirit and spirit of a big city, with shops, restaurants and city attractions? Maybe you are an adventurer with a taste of trekking in the forest, or divers looking for new sights under the sea? Whatever you are looking for, Malaysia is the place to choose your next vacation – because this country has it all.

Whether you are a couple who is looking for a romantic getaway, a traveler who is looking for adventure, or you are traveling with family and want to plan a child-friendly vacation, Malaysia has something for you. Given the vast diversity of land, it’s easy to find places to visit that have special interests for you. Here we detail some of the most beautiful places in Malaysia to visit:

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia and its economic center, KL has all the first world comforts and its unique character. Here you will find busy malls and fast food places, luxury hotels, and elegant restaurants. But you can also explore the central area by using alternative alternatives such as train from klia to kl sentral, tasting several local cuisines, exploring the night market, and visiting some ancient caves that are not far away.

Langkawi Malaysia is the most popular site for tourists, Langkawi offers beautiful beaches, warm waters and several beautiful resorts for holidays. The main town of Kuah provides an attractive shopping center because the island is declared a duty free zone. But most visitors head to Langkawi to enjoy miles of coastline and excellent water sports facilities. There are also several important annual events held here, including the Art Festival, the International Water Festival, and tour klia to singapore.

PenangNicknamed, the Pearl of the Orient, the island of Penang sentral, is a visual and cultural treat – its beautiful colonial buildings bear testament to a long history of British rule and a leading role in the trading empire. Visitors enjoy the cityscape as well as the soft sandy beaches, of which Batu Ferringhi is the most popular. The capital Georgetown has lots to offer in terms of sightseeing and historical architecture, and the shopping is cheap at the malls as well as the night market. Penang Sentral is most famous for being the food capital of Malaysia, and real foodies find a gastronomic world without parallel at the many restaurants and street stalls here.

MelakaFormerly known as Malacca, this tiny city-state draws a multitude of visitors every year who come to admire its famous landmarks and buildings and sample its distinctive local cuisine. Must-visit places include the beautiful local Sultanate Museum, the old A’Fomosa fortress, and St. Paul’s Church. Melaka is also home to the famed Nonya style of cuisine, a unique blend of Chinese, Malay and other cooking styles which has evolved into something entirely new and utterly delicious.

With such a myriad of diverse and beautiful places to explore, it is no wonder that more and more people are making Malaysia their next destination choice.