How to Use Hair Pieces to Cover Up Hair Loss from Alopecia

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that causes you to lose your hair. This type of disease causes the immune system to attack its own body. If you have alopecia, then your immune system attacks your hair follicles. It results in your hair coming out in small clumps. Read on to find out how hair pieces Chicago techniques can hide hair loss from this disease.

Location of Hair Loss

There are different types of alopecia that cause you to lose hair in variety of ways. Common ways you lose hair are in round patches, receding hairline, bald spots in top of the head and complete hair loss. These reasons are why you will not find just one type of wig for alopecia.

It helps to know the type of alopecia and where you are losing hair. You can choose to wear hair pieces or a wig

Cover Sparse Area

Hair loss can cause you to have bald spots or very thin hair. Some alopecia patients are uncomfortable with going out in public. They may not also want to start wearing a wig immediately after their hair start to become thin. You may want to start out with hair pieces.

If you have a thin hair spot in the top of your head, then you can cover it with a hair piece. This piece makes your hair appear fuller. It works by attaching to your hair. The hair is attached to a base that you can clip to your head.

Avoid Slips

It is common to worry about a clip on slipping out of your head. Clip-on hair extensions usually fit secure in your head. However, a natural looking vacuum wig gives you another option. It is custom made for your head. This type of wig has a silicone base with human hair. The silicone base is soft and is made from a mold of your head.

It helps to get creative when your appearance changes because of sickness. You schedule a consultation with a hair stylist. He or she can evaluate your hair and explain your options.