Facelift to Make Your Face Look Younger

Along with increasing age, facial skin will lose its elasticity so that it appears wrinkles, fine lines, and a series of other changes that can affect one’s confidence. There are many natural ways to maintain the appearance of facial skin to stay young. However, some people might prefer to get it in a faster and more concise way. For example by doing a facelift or rhytidectomy. When done by a professional, a facelift is a subtle but effective procedure.

However, is this one antiaging treatment effective to make you look young? What about the risks or side effects that might arise? To find out the answer, see the full explanation below.

Is that a facelift?

Facelift, also known as facial pull, is a procedure in cosmetic surgery to create a more youthful appearance on your face. This surgical procedure can tighten sagging skin and sag around the lower jaw. Also, you can also remove deep wrinkles around the mouth and nose and oily skin under the chin or neck.

Previously, the facelift was only done to tighten the skin, but now it can simultaneously restore the position of muscles, skin, and fat as before. Facelifts can be combined with other cosmetic surgeries to attract the forehead, cheeks, eyebrows, and eyelids.

Procedure and facelift recovery period

Before a facelift, a plastic surgeon will check your medical history. The doctor will check blood pressure, medications that you may be taking, allergies, keloids, and skin conditions.

You and the doctor will discuss what will be done for the operation, where it will be done, the type of anesthesia used, the recovery process, and the risk of complications that may arise.

This operation is usually performed as an outpatient procedure. This may also involve local anesthesia and sedatives. The process can take two to five hours. After you finish the procedure, you can usually go home the same day.

The procedure starts through an incision in the hair or hairline at the top and front of the ear. The incision is then passed down the ear until it ends in the hairline behind the ear.

The doctor will open a bandage in a few days. In the first two to three weeks, your doctor will ask you to return for examination. Generally, at that time you are still experiencing bruising and swelling. At that time, it is likely that the doctor will also remove the suture. However, keep in mind, the recovery process can vary from person to person.

Is the facelift effective?

This facial surgery aims to create a smoother and more youthful facial appearance. The following are the benefits of a facelift:

  • Remove and tighten sagging skin
  • Forms cheeks around the jawline
  • Lift the corners of the mouth
  • Reduces folds between cheeks and lips
  • The incision in front of and behind the ear is usually not visible

However, the facelift has several disadvantages. The effect of this beauty procedure cannot last forever. A study showed that five and a half years …

The Ultimate Bucket List for Family Activities in 2019

Are you searching for inspiration and ideas to help you make 2019 the best year ever for your family? The following is a bucket list of ideas for 2019 of fun activities for the family featuring fresh air, challenges and tons of family fun that you can try. So no matter where you are located in the UK, you start making your New Year’s resolution in January and then planning out the next 12 month to see how many of the following you can check off the list before December arrives.

Have the best ever family break

Everyone looks forward to the holidays from the moment that you book until you finish packing. These days it isn’t necessary to go abroad, due to the fabulous choices of impressive staycation destinations that are available right here in the UK, that are all loaded with family fun. So get inspired for your next family break, and visit cosy cottages, theme parks, outdoor adventure parks like Wild Wood Adventure and more.

Take your children on a steam train ride

All kids love the magic offered by transport and nothing is more magical or classic than a steam train ride. Head on over to the steam railway and climb on board for our ultimate day trip that everyone will love no matter how old they are, as you are journeying through some of the UK’s most stunning and gorgeous scenery. Check out the UK’s top 10 steam railways and train rides, or if you are looking for something that is geared to kids, even more, check out our A Day out With Thomas video!

Discover a new city in the UK

How many of the 69 cities in the UK have you visited? This year, make it a mission to explore one new city at least. With tons of days available for trying each of them out, you will be spoiled with all of the choices. Start planning now to explore things to do in York, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, or London!

Learn a new skill

Many New Year’s resolutions are based on learning a new skill. However, it really is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and you can easily do this as a family as well. Try going to an indoor ski slope and learning how to snowboard or ski, or head out to a rock climbing centre for learning how to rock climbing, or learn some new arts and crafts at a pottery cafe. Your community centre or local library will have workshops and classes well, so it is definitely worth checking out.

Embrace technology

Technology is constantly evolving, and you probably don’t even realise how much things have changed in just the past 12 months. Families are able to embrace technology more than ever on their days out. Follow the trends and then try out a brand new experience. Check out our guide on the best virtual realities experiences for children and the …

Some of Our Favourite Plus Size Fashion Models

With every new runway casting, fashion week, and year, calls grow louder for the fashion industry to be more inclusive and diverse. Brands have started to realise that women are not all size 4 models. Instead, they come in all sizes and shapes and want to feel confident and beautiful just the way that they are. One of the ways that can be done is to show people that ‘normal’ women that are in all sizes and shapes can display clothing in their favourite shops, grace the covers of all of their favourite magazines, and be as successful within the fashion industry as skinny ‘standard’ size models. That is why today we want to showcase a couple of these women who are doing exactly that, by making a significant difference within the fashion industry.

Ashley Graham

Ashley is perhaps one of the more well-known of the plus-size models on today’s circuit. She has become one of the leading faces of today’s body positivity movement, for very good reason. She made waves recently by making an appearance in Vogue in un-retouched photos. She was also the first plus-size woman to make an appearance in Sports Illustrated. Even more impressive she is now out on the catwalk strutting her stuff along with the likes of Kaia Gerber and Kendall Jenner. She has made a significant impact as a leading plus-size model that she once again appeared on the Vogue cover with a title that declared ‘no norm is the new norm.’ It is a gigantic step forward within today’s body positivity movement. She has also been one of the major players to promote plus-sized modelling to help it become more mainstream.

Tess Holliday

The amazing Tess Holiday absolutely has to be included in any discussion about plus-size models. She is considered to be the major spark backing the ‘big is beautiful’ movement. She has been a strong advocate for plus-sized women over her entire career. She made headlines in 2015 when she became the first plus-size model in the world to sign with a major agency. From there she started to flaunt her size 22 curves in plus-size girdles on TV and magazine ads. Her brash, bold, and loud attitude had led her to create the hashtag #EffYourBeautyStandards, to encourage women of all sizes and shapes to love their bodies as they are and to feel beautiful inside of them. We think she is a beacon of hope for acceptance and happiness for the plus-size world, and we sincerely wish that there were more models around that were just like her.

Amy Lemons

Here is an interesting woman. For much of her career, Amy Lemons was considered to be a ‘straight sized’ model, since she fitted the standard model sizes for the industry. At the age of 14 she landed her first major modelling job when she was featured on the cover of the Italian Vogue magazine. Over the next few years, she appeared on the covers of Marie Claire, Elle, …

Top Reasons Why Your Next Holiday Destination Should Be Peru

Getting There is Easy

In May there was a new thrice-weekly service launched by British Airways flying from Gatwick to Peru, to bring the South American country a little closer to home. The decision by British Airways to reopen this route, which had previously been closed down since 1982, is putting Peru on the map once again.

Lima is Enjoying a Resurgence

In the past Lima was a dangerous and dirty city, but it is on the rise along with Peru’s economy. Suddenly cerviche is popular all over the world, which has put the varied and rich gastronomy of the city on the map. In addition to its culinary offerings, Lima also is renowned for its 1,800 year-old Huaca Pucllana ruins, numerous museums, and beautiful old town.

Machu Picchu

This ancient city tops many people’s bucket list. It is South America’s most visited tourist attraction and may be reached via a railway line or hiking trails. With the right approach and some careful planning you will discover that Machu Picchu is as engaging and enchanting as any site in the world.

Amazon River Regions

There are no less than three Amazon regions in Peru: the Tambopata reserve, with its increasingly popular boat trips; the Chachapoyas-Gocta-Kuelap area, featuring a lofty waterfall, ruins and numerous museums; and the riverine reserves and natural parks around Iquitos. The Tambopata reserve is connected well by air to Lima and Cuzco and is the area where a majority of the new lodes appear to be opening in the region.

Taken Back by Cuzco

It is believed that Cuzco is America’s oldest city that has been continuously inhabited and to this day still retains numerous tangible links with the pre-Columbian era, including the Coricancha ruins, which was an Inca temple that was demolished in 1533 by the Spanish. There are many diversions in Cuzco beyond its rich history. Much of the centre of the city is walker-friendly, which makes it easy to wander about and become familiar with the city, where you can drop into art galleries, churches, and former convents and palaces that have been turned into hotels.

The Sacred Valley

For those travellers who are in a rush, the Sacred Valley is in between Machu Picchu and Cuzco – which you can traverse by either bus and rail, and glance at it while you are checking your camera batteries. However standing on the edge of Moray’s gigantic circular agricultural terraces, it is reminiscent of the Fertile Crescent of Mesopotamia, which was the Incan world’s real centre. In order to understand the true scale of this empire, you need to know how its warriors, runners, and builders were fed.

Exquisite Beaches

The Andes chilly peaks may seem far away from the sizzling hot beaches in the northwest of Peru. Renowned for its beautiful golden shores and tropical climate, the Piura district is the top area for beach bums, who gather at Mancora and other resorts, where powdery sands, crystalline waters and rolling surf keep visitors …

The Pet Food Con

Read the ingredients: Ingredients are listed by volume. The first ingredient is what makes up a good portion of the food followed in dissenting order, all the other ingredients. Dogs are mainly carnivores, and cats are pure carnivores. In the wild their cousins will make a kill and then eat some stomach contents, but will mainly eat muscle meat. Muscle meat is protein full of amino acids beneficial to your pet. You also want that protein to be a specific meat protein such as “Chicken” or “Lamb”. Be cautious of the non specific words like “meat” or “animal”.

“Meat Meal” refers to by products left over from the human food industry. Meat that is not fit for human consumption, tumors, beaks, feet, spleens, lungs, abscesses, etc. There are no regulations prohibiting a cancerous tumor from a cow being put into your pets’ puppy food. Many animals used for feed have been given antibiotics, hormones, steroids, and wormer. All this goes into the render with the “meat” and ends up in your pets’ food. Signs of an inferior brand of food will list a vegetable protein as it’s main protein source such as “corn”or”soy”.

These protein sources are carbohydrate protein sources. They lack amino acids for good skin & coat, among other things. Carbohydrates turn to sugar. Many hyperactive dogs could be helped by just feeding a meat protein based diet. They are living on a constant sugar buzz! Obesity is a problem for dogs & cats. Carbs make us fat and they make our pets fat too! I have seen many dogs with horrible yeast infections throughout their bodies. Yeast feeds off of carbs turned to sugar and will continue to make the pet miserable until the diet is changed.

No wonder diabetes is near epidemic in our pets. Manufacturers are very clever. They will take an ingredient, lets say, corn, and disguise it in many different forms through the ingredient list. Do not be swayed by the fact that most veterinarians carry a brand of dog food in malaysia that is corn based. Veterinarians are diagnosticians not nutritionists. They usually get an 8 hour course on nutrition sponsored by the company selling the food. They are then given incentives to sell their brand. Grains used in some foods can be just as problematic. It is not the healthy inner of the grain that is used but the waste of the grain being processed. Often times this contains mites & mold that can cause allergic reactions in our pets. Your pets may have even been forced to eat rendered euthanized french bulldog in malaysia & cats from shelters, along with their collars, name tags, and the drugs used to euthanize them!

Beware of Preservatives & other additives: BHA & BHT and Ethoxiquinone are some chemical preservatives used today as preservatives in pet foods. They are known carcinogens! Manufacturers add dyes and plastics to make the food look more attractive to us ( ie: meat color and chewy texture). These …

Mechanical Watches – The Magic and Mystique

Watch… It’s not a verb, it’s a noun. Wristwatch is more specific, of course, but pocket watches are cool too. You know the popular brands, but what do you think of when you hear the word watch? No matter what comes to your mind, there are a few interesting details about watches:

The “best” watches are made in Switzerland. How do you define “best” though? If accuracy is the primary criterion, then a cheap quartz watch will meet that requirement.

Hasil gambar untuk wristwatch

Even the cheapest quartz digital watch is more accurate than most high-end mechanical watches. However, there are many things to consider other than accuracy. After all, accuracy is not really discernible on a day to day basis. Who among us is able to discern a watch’s accuracy within a couple of moments per day? Let’s say that today your watch tells the time correctly today but tomorrow it is 2 seconds fast or slow. Can you perceive the difference? What if it is 2 minutes fast or slow? Most likely, you’ll get to where you’re going either on time or late based on whether or not you are a prompt person and プレゼントに最適ダニエルウェリントンの腕時計.

Well, the purpose of this article isn’t to judge or criticize anyone’s personal habits but to illustrate an important fact: Cheap quartz watches will keep time far more accurately than a high quality mechanical watch but accuracy isn’t the only reason why we wear them. So, why DO people wear mechanical watches? Even more importantly, why do people spend thousands on high-end watches?

The reasons for such are personal to the wearer but some of the reasons might be:

Much like a musical instrument, a race car engine, or the ability to land on the moon, there is a satisfaction in experiencing the well-tuned precision of a mechanical device.

Have you ever flown a kite? If so, maybe you experienced the feeling of flying while your feet are planted firmly on the ground. A mechanical watch can give a feeling of being “connected” to the passing of time.

Some people accessorize with shoes, glasses, jewelry and other eye catching objects but watches are also a great choice. ダニエルウェリントンのサイズ, gold, and extra large size. Just wearing a certain brand or type of watch will catch people’s attention プレゼントに最適ダニエルウェリントンの腕時計.

When it comes to luxury watches, the cost is in the details. Luxury watches are made with expensive materials and might be hand made by expert watchmakers and can also be certified accurate to within certain specifications. Additionally, higher end watches may hold their value over time or even increase in value in some cases.

Mechanical watches usually have a second hand that “sweeps” instead of “ticking.” This effect gives a mechanical watch a special quality when observed by the eye. A sweeping second hand has a sort of organic feeling that more accurately depicts the passing of time than the start-stop motion of a ticking second hand.

Mechanical watches don’t have to be expensive. Mechanical watches …

How to Bond a Lace Wig

Wigs have evolved from once being considered for only hair loss patients to being more of a fashion statement. Most common high quality wigs worn about 10 years ago were made from a static and uncomfortable material called plethora. Recently lace front wigs and hair extensions have gained in popularity not only with celebrities, but with everyday consumers as well. A key to the popularity to lace front wigs has been their comfortable mesh cap, versatility and they are undetectable to many observers.

Hasil gambar untuk wigs style

Wearing lace front wigs is not as simple as buying a wig from the beauty supply store and putting it on your head. One needs to familiarize oneself with a few simple steps to safely and simply apply a lace wig. Here are a few simple steps to get you started:

1. Make sure the surface of your head is level and the wig is clean and free from lint. In addition, ensure that your hands, nape of neck, and forehead are clean from dust and dirt as well. I suggest you clean those areas with 99% rubbing alcohol.

2. Preparing your lace front wig is both simple and very easy. First pull the back (rear) of the wig into a ponytail using a big clip, ponytail holder or banana comb. Secondly, take another large clip and pull back a couple of small hairs around your hairline (sometime called baby hairs). Then, take a pair of small, sharp scissors and begin trimming the lace along the hairline.

3. Use a skin shield/barrier applied around the hairline to protect your scalp and sensitive skin. Use double-sided tape (I like “SuperTape”) or an adhesive along the hairline and let dry for the recommended drying time as stated on the bottle/jar. If using adhesive repeat this process three times for a strong hold or one more for a light hold.

Wearing lace front wigs is not as simple as buying a wig from the beauty supply store and putting it on your head. One needs to familiarize oneself with a few simple steps to safely and simply apply a lace wig. Now that your bond, adhesive has had time to dry, follow the next steps:

1. Once your skin feels tacky apply the wig to your head beginning in the center of your forehead. Make sure the adhesive begins to fuse against your forehead. Be careful not to stick your fingers in the adhesive in the process. Oftentimes I use a long comb (bone or rat-tail) to help apply the wig to the adhesive so my fingers remain clean.

2. Continue to apply the wing to your entire hairline, one section at a time. Take great care when getting to the nape of your neck; I like to look at the floor before applying my lace front wig to my nape. This ensures that I will have free range of movement once the lace wigs online is fully dried. Once the entire wig is secure, use the long comb to …

Spa Experience Gifts

Spa Experience Gifts: They’re More Than A Foot Rub, Honey

You’ve been contemplating giving her a gift certificate to her local spa, perhaps a massage or a pedicure, something lovely and relaxing like that. In the back of your mind, you’re wondering: Isn’t that a little, well, superficial?

Hasil gambar untuk SPA

Turns out, spa experiences are anything but. According to the Mayo Clinic, after centuries of being utilized by Eastern medicine, best massages in Bandung is finally becoming a standard supplement to Western medicine, as well. Prescribed alongside other treatments for cancer, anxiety and depression, pain management, sports injuries, and even infant growth (who knew?!), the benefits of massage go far beyond simple feel-good pleasure.

It all comes down to the way stress interacts with our immune system. When we’re stressed, our body produces cortisol, a hormone that wreaks havoc on our body’s defenses. Massage decreases the amount of cortisol (stress) our bodies produce, allowing our immune systems to stay strong. As a result, immune systems in people with hypertension, burns, and arthritis among others have all been seen to get stronger with massage, reports a 2011 Newsweek article.

Available all across the country, spa experiences (ranging from Swedish massages to seaweed body wraps) are a simple, healthful retreat from the daily grind. They’re perfect for girlfriends and best friends, couples and even the adventurous man. And because these seemingly decadent packages do more than decompress the body, you’re giving more than just a feel-good gift-you’re giving the gift of health, too. Talk about a way to say, I love you, Mom.

These five spa experience gifts are just a small sample of the hundreds available across the U.S., ranging from spa pedicures to aromatherapy massages to makeup application lessons.

Seaweed Body Wrap: These full-body experiences involve having an esthetician or massage therapist apply a seaweed-based mask from shoulders to toes, infusing your skin with depleted minerals and vitamins. Most wraps are followed by an exfoliating treatment and a shower.

Reflexology: This Eastern tradition concentrates on the feet as representative of the whole body. Masseuses work on specific areas of the feet (or sometimes ears or hands) corresponding to different parts of the body, with the goal of correcting and relaxing the whole of the body.

Volcanic Stone Massage: A combination of Swedish massage and Native American techniques, this massage therapy utilizes volcanic stones, warmed and smoothed along specific points on the body.

Couples Massage and Float: Great experience gifts for couples or newlyweds, this afternoon at the spa begins with a traditional Swedish massage, followed by an hour-long float in a mineral solution to fully relax the body. And because sometimes feel-good things can’t be all good for you, the package usually includes complimentary chocolates and wine or champagne.

European Facial: Slough off the winter blues with a European facial, customized to your unique skin type, helping to bring back the glow of healthy skin. Professional estheticians analyze the specifics of your skin and then tailor the facial to help correct the …

Ideas To Financing Your Property Development Project

There are a number of ways for an aspiring penang development– even one who doesn’t have a lot to spend– to get started. Along with individual savings and investment, two standard sources of financing for a venture are loans and investors. A common structure for a development project is 50-80 % debt and 20-50 % equity investment. For credibility and to ensure that there is motivation for the developer, equity investors usually ask a developer to co-invest. Most invest between 5 and 15 % of the cost; a higher investment means more direction and lower rates.

Gambar terkait

Getting investors takes some work, but it’s possible to find them, even for small projects. Local chambers of commerce can point out investment clubs and companies. Search public databases for building permits that contain the names of developers and contractors who may be interested in local investments.

It’s important to understand that getting capital is a time consuming, difficult process. In today’s financial environment, things aren’t like they used to be. Loans have to be secured by cash flow and assets. It doesn’t matter who you know, and no matter how good the project sounds to the developer, it will still be evaluated based on its credit risk.

Because of this, it’s important to have professionally prepared documents and plans. You can do this on your own or hire a consultant, but there has to be accurate projections and reports like feasibility studies for marketing and finance, business plans and operational plans. It’s best to gather potential investors together and present the proposals in a method that is visual and accurate.

Proposals and plans should show a positive project valuation – how much the project will be worth once costs are paid. For developments that will be sold, this is equal to the net sales value after marketing and other costs are paid. For rentals, it’s the annual income generated after marketing and development costs are paid.

Another important turn is net operating income or NOI. This is the gross income minus taxes, insurance, utilities, management, maintenance and replacement.

Some other important rates and ratios used to evaluate a project’s potential are:

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR or DCR): the ratio of stabilized NOI to debt service

Loan to Value (LTV): the ratio of the loan amount to the project value

Capitalization rate

Rate of return

Once the project is complete, debt is repaid first then equity is distributed. For a sale, it’s all paid from revenue. In a rental investment, a permanent loan replaces construction loan and is paid monthly, with revenue paid to investors after this amount is paid. Investors are paid back in a “waterfall” structure. The first pool pays investors a high percentage of profit – first, a repayment or return on equity, then an annual return that typically equals 9 to 12 percent of the investment. The malaysia propertiesinvestment is reimbursed at the same time, and the developer is also paid any special fees that are specified in …

Techniques SMAS

Le concept de suspension dans la couche tissulaire profonde a marqué un changement de paradigme majeur dans la technique de lifting. Tord Skoog a été l’un des premiers partisans d’une suspension plus profonde au lieu de s’en remettre uniquement à la tension de la peau. Cependant, ce n’est qu’en 1976 que Mitz et Peyronie décrivent le système musculo-aponeurotique superficiel, ou SMAS.

Image result for Techniques SMAS

Les adhérences fibreuses du SMAS sur la graisse et la peau sous-cutanées sus-jacentes ont permis une manipulation chirurgicale du SMAS afin de modifier la peau. Ce concept anatomique s’est rapidement répandu dans le monde de la chirurgie esthétique et les techniques de levage SMAS sont devenues la norme depuis plusieurs décennies. La gestion du SMAS reste toujours un élément essentiel des résultats positifs obtenus aujourd’hui.

Les principales méthodes pour aborder le SMAS impliquent soit une plication, soit une imbrication. La plicature implique la suspension de suture seule pour inverser les vecteurs du vieillissement. Le SMAS de la face inférieure est dessiné verticalement par pliage et ancré au SMAS plus immobile recouvrant la parotide. L’auteur utilise une variante de cette technique, appelée «cerclage buccal», qui consiste en une série de trois points de suture en suspension distincts pour soulever le cou, la face inférieure et améliorer la ligne de la mâchoire.

L’imbrication du SMAS consiste en une incision dans la couche SMAS avec résection d’une partie du SMAS suivie d’une suspension de suture des extrémités incisées pour inverser les vecteurs du vieillissement. L’imbrication implique généralement une dissection sous-SMAS limitée au bord antérieur de la parotide.

Ces techniques sont généralement considérées comme sûres et faciles à maîtriser. La plication et l’imbrication de SMAS, lorsqu’elles sont effectuées correctement, posent peu de risque pour le nerf facial avec une bonne efficacité à long terme. En ce qui concerne la plicature, la principale préoccupation concerne la capacité de la suture à maintenir l’ascenseur sans «câblage de fromage» à travers le tissu soulevé. L’imbrication et la plicature du SMAS sont moins efficaces dans le rajeunissement du pli médian et du pli mélolabial, car elles constituent la ligne du cou à la mâchoire.

Des études historiques ont comparé l’efficacité des techniques SMAS avec les interventions cutanées. Tipton en 1974 et Rees et Aston en 1977 ont réalisé des interventions mixtes de lifting frontal du visage utilisant un lifting uniquement de la peau d’un côté et une modification du SMAS de l’autre. Des photographies postopératoires ont été prises à des fins de comparaison, sans différence notée entre les deux côtés. Ces études souffraient toutefois du manque de mesures objectives standardisées pour analyser efficacement les différences entre les techniques.…