3 Surprising Ways You Could Save Money Without Realizing It

Saving cash is easier than you think. And, with some money-saving methods, you might not even realize you’ve been saving until you second-glance your bank account. So, without further ado, here are 4 surprising ways you could save money—sometimes without realizing it.


Give Up Drinking and Smoking

Cigarettes, beer, and liquor are among the top legal addictions that draw the most cash from your bank account. These items are expensive with heavy taxes, so you pay a little more each time. Some people even spend half, or more, of their weekly paychecks on a steady supply of smokes and booze. However, think of how much cash you could save if you gave up the smoking and drinking habits. Depending on the severity of your addiction, you could use that saved cash on something healthier, like metagenics vitamin c, or something more fun, and more relaxing—like a small vacation or a weekend trip to somewhere new.


Cut Coupons and Watch for Shopping Deals

“Couponers” have the right idea. These hardcore coupon cutters save dozens, if not hundreds, of dollars by looking for the best deals from their local grocery stores and supermarkets. Of course, if you’d rather skip the coupon process, you can simply watch for shopping deals each week. Scoop up what you need or want, create a stockpile of what you use while they are on sale, and save money on home essentials in the long run.


Throw Your Change in a Jar Each Month—Then Change It Out for Dollars

One of the biggest ways to save money without realizing it is to collect your change at the end of a day. Most people carry a little cash with them to work, for snacks and lunches; therefore, you should take your leftover cents and throw them in a jar when you get home. At the end of the month, roll them up and take them to a local bank for cash out. You would be surprised at how much you save with just a bunch of jangling change in your pocket.

Saving money is actually a lot easier than most people think. However, even the non-realization money-saving requires a level of commitment to keeping your bank account intact.