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What is memory foam and how it assists in back pain?

Visco-elastic or Memory foam has become one of hottest selling segments in mattress industry. Greatest advantage of memory foam is its capability to conform to body devoid of creating any type of pressure. It has been used at burn centers across the globe for that particular reason.  Individuals with extreme sensitivity to pressure must welcome inclusion of memory foam in the mattress. Another good benefit to memory foam is its capability to dampen the motion transfer. Before its presence separate beds were only solution for individual who could not sleep because of movements of a partner. You can go here if you wish to know about the memory foam and how you can use them effectively.

memoryfoamcenter-6Third advantage of memory foam its exclusive capability to offer straight spinal alignment. Such type of foam is open celled foam. As body lies down, heavier parts of the body (hips and shoulders) deflate or compress cells, allowing foam to provide natural straight spinal alignment essential for muscle relaxation. When the spine isn’t aligned properly muscles are then pulling (working) to straighten spine. Pulling muscles are normally working muscles & working muscles become stiff and sore until they’re rested.